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  • The Finance Planner Teal PDF - Healthy Wealthy Skinny
  • The Finance Planner Teal PDF - Healthy Wealthy Skinny
  • The Finance Planner Teal PDF - Healthy Wealthy Skinny
  • The Finance Planner Teal PDF - Healthy Wealthy Skinny
  • The Finance Planner Teal PDF - Healthy Wealthy Skinny
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The Finance Planner Teal PDF

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Also available in Pink, Burgundy, and Green

The Finance Planner has everything you need to manage every aspect of your financial life. When printed the planner contains 140+ pages and comes in various colors.

How to Use the Finance Planner

The Finance Planner is designed to help you track your finances for a full year. It contains reference pages, daily pages, and monthly pages.

Finance Planner References

The reference pages of the Finance Planner are designed for you to keep a running list of important items. This section of the Finance Planner contains the following pages.

  • Reference Breaker Page
  • Subscription Tracker
  • Bank Information Log
  • Card Information Log
  • Bills Log
  • Debt Repayment Plan
  • Net Worth Worksheet
  • Emergency Fund Tracker

Reference pages should be printed once and located in the front of your Finance Planner for easy access.

Finance Planner Daily Pages

The daily expense tracker pages in the Finance Planner are designed for tracking items on a daily basis. When fine tuning your budget, it is important to track your daily spending.

  • Daily Expense Tracker
  • Daily Expense Analysis

You finance planner will include one copy of the daily expense tracker. You will need to print multiple copies that can be used each day.

We recommend printing a month worth of pages at a time and keeping them in a separate section of your binder. Dividers are a great way to keep this section organized.

Finance Planner Monthly Breakers Pages

The monthly breaker pages are beautifully designed pages that include each month of the year. They should be used to section off each month of your Finance Planner.

All monthly breaker pages are contained in one PDF file and will only need to be printed once (unless you need a new copy).

Finance Planner Monthly Pages

The monthly trackers in the Finance Planner are designed to help you manage your finances on a monthly basis. They are perfect for planning and tracking your progress each month.

  • Monthly Finance Calendar
  • Monthly 50/30/20 Budget
  • Income Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker
  • Purchases Tracker
  • Bills Tracker

You will receive a PDF that contains one set of your monthly pages. You should print out this section of pages each month and place them after it’s respective breaker page.

The Complete Finance Planner

The complete finance planner will consist of four PDF files to make printing your planner easy. You will also get a fifth PDF file that consists of all 140+ pages of the planner.

This gives you the flexibility to print the planner in sections or to print the entire planner.

Other Things You Might Need

The budget printables below are completely free. However, there are a few things that you will need to keep organized.

3 Ring Binder – After you print your finance printables you will need a place to store them. A 3 ring binder will allow you to store and organize your printables neatly.

Hold Punch – If you choose to store your printables in a 3 ring binder, you will need a tool to put the proper holes in your printed pages. This tool is affordable and is easy to use.

Printer Paper  Printer paper is a must have to print out the free printables below.


*note- this is NOT an editable digital template (instead- write results in by hand)


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- Files are flat, single-sided, non-editable

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